Tyres are grounded on all kinds of vehicles or machinery assembly rolling circular elastic rubber products.Was born in Scotland in 1845, the civil engineer of r. w. Tom germinal pneumatic tyre, and to the carriage wheels and other vehicles improved, obtained a patent for the British government.On December 10th, in the same year the first birth of pneumatic tyre.Tires are usually installed on the metal rim, can support the body, the buffer external shocks, realization of contact with the road surface and ensure the vehicle driving performance.Tyres are often used under the condition of complex and demanding, it when driving under various deformation, load, force and the function of the high and low temperature, so you must have high load-bearing performance, traction performance and buffer performance.At the same time, it also requires high abrasion resistance, flexing resistance, and low rolling resistance and thermal resistance.

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  • Truck Tyre(TBR)

    Truck Tyre(TBR)

    Tyre types and specifications: international standard tire code, said for the unit with the mm cross section height and flat than percentage, followed by: tire type code, rim (inches) in diameter, load ind...

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  • Passenger car tyre

    Passenger car tyre

    Tires are the only direct contact with the ground on the auto parts, together with the automobile suspension to ease when the car the impact, to ensure good take a car ride comfort, comfort and Guarantee t...

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