Calcium chloride

Calcium chloride, a salt of chlorine and calcium, of the formula CaCl2. Bitter, tasteless. It is a typical ionic halide, white at room temperature, hard pieces or particles. Its common applications include brine used in refrigeration equipment, road melting agents and desiccants. Because it is easy to absorb moisture in the air deliquescence [5], so anhydrous calcium chloride must be sealed in the container storage. Calcium chloride and its hydrates and solutions have important application value in food manufacturing, building materials, medicine and biology. Calcium chloride has a strong adsorption capacity and low desorption temperature for ammonia, which has great application prospect in ammonia adsorption separation. However, calcium chloride is not easy to form a stable porous material, and contact with ammonia ammonia area, and in the adsorption, desorption process is easy to expand, agglomeration, making it difficult to put into practical application in this regard. Calcium chloride can be supported on a high specific surface carrier, which can greatly improve the contact area between calcium chloride and ammonia. Studies have shown that the addition of calcium chloride on the molecular sieve and the preparation of composite adsorbents than the single adsorbent have better adsorption performance and stability.

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