Specialty Paper

Specialty Paper

Is a wide range of specialty paper, all kinds of special use paper or art paper collectively, sellers will now embossing paper such as art paper referred to as the special paper, mainly in order to simplify the noun chaos caused by variety.Special paper is a special purpose, the production of small paper.Specialty paper comes from the United States in 1945 the national cash register company (NationalCashRegisterCo.) successfully developed no carbon carbon paper.Specialty paper is to put the different fiber made by dipping paper machine copy paper with special functions, such as a separate use of synthetic fiber, synthetic mixed pulp or raw materials such as wood pulp, with different materials for processing, modification or give the paper to the function and usage of different, for example: life, building materials, electrical products, industrial filters, machinery used in industry, agriculture, information, optical, arts and culture, biochemical cutting-edge technology to use and so on, as long as it is used for special purposes of paper material, all referred to as special paper.

Specialty Paper - Category

  • Removable self-stick note

    Removable self-stick note

    Removable Self - Stick Notes, is a work study, used to record and remind yourself of some important things can paste a label paper many times.Post-it sticker with adhesive on the back, can write down you w...

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  • Bubble envelope paper

    Bubble envelope paper

    With the vigorous development of the electricity network operators and purchasing, envelope, continuous increase in the amount of air bubble bag.Bubble envelope bag is used to hold small objects, fragile b...

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  • Water transfer printing paper

    Water transfer printing paper

    As intermediate carrier transfer content in water transfer printing craft, is a special kind of polymer materials, general is mainly composed of three layers, lower as the base paper, for the film adhesive...

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  • Thermal transfer paper

    Thermal transfer paper

    Thermal transfer, also known as thermal sublimation, it is to all sorts of design, LOGO, portrait, landscape and other random images through the printer to print on the thermal transfer paper, thermal tran...

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  • Coated label paper

    Coated label paper

    Coated label paper adopts special wood pulp, in the pulp, surface sizing and coating to add a new type of chemical additives production of paper.Mainly used for printing high-grade beer labels, beverage la...

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