PVC soft hose

With the rapid development of composite hose in the commercial field, manufacturers in the production of composite hose types are also numerous, summarized generally divided into seven categories: 1. Multi-purpose oil-resistant composite hose, it is widely used in the transmission of fuel oil liquid gas, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, crude oil and other hydrocarbon products. 2. Multi-purpose chemical delivery hose, which is widely used in the delivery of corrosive chemical liquid gas products, excellent chemical resistance. 3. Vehicle hose, it is dedicated to the use of tankers, soft and lightweight, suitable for frequent bending movement, long life design, the international common tanker hose. 4. Terminal ship handling hose, it is dedicated to the terminal ship, enhanced structure, heavy load type, excellent chemical resistance, frequent bending will not crack. 5. Paint coating conveying hose, it is dedicated to paint coating products, solvent resistance, wear resistance and excellent oxidation resistance. 6. Low temperature hose, it is used for low temperature environment or the use of low temperature products, such as ethylene, LPG, LNG, propane, dry ice and so on. 7. High temperature hose, which is used to transport high temperature products, hot water, hot oil and so on.

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